Monday, April 9, 2012

A-Z Challenge: B and C

Day two of my unofficial challenge, yay!

B is for Battles. In my books, the world of Elbion is in turmoil. The story begins in the midst of an epic battle, in the age of the war god Krosis, and the story plunges the characters into a situation ripe for war.

The allied gypsy clans have been at war for the past several years with the Mark, an army of the north. They are men who are twisted to their soul, crazed by their worship of the Chaos god bent on engulfing the world in chaos and disorder. At the beginning of the first book, the gypsies believe that this conflict has been resolved, and the Mark has been successfully repelled. But the drums of war aren't finished with their tune. The war god isn't through with his war yet...

And to catch up, here's the next letter of the challenge...

C is for Catewyn Ironstarr. Catewyn is Allora's older sister and Famke's cousin. She is second in line to the Fortuna throne after Famke. Catewyn has a different surname from her sister, though they have the same parents. Surnames in Elbion aren't necessarily based on lineage, they are often given or adopted. A person in Elbion can go quite awhile without having a surname, as it can take awhile to find one that fits.

Catewyn took the surname of her father, Garrett Ironstarr of Warren. Her sister, Allora, on the other hand, chose the surname of the last woman of her bloodline to have the Windspeak gift, Whisperwind. Catewyn takes after her father in more than just looks. She works with him at his forge, where she has become a master blacksmith, and she has his talent with horses. Catewyn's horse, Sunstarr, is famous throughout the gypsy clan lands.

When Famke takes up her army, she appoints her cousin as one of her Captains of the Cavalry. And when the group attends fairs and tournaments, Catewyn always rides in the joust. Her record is impeccable, earning her the moniker, Catewyn the Stoneborn. The rumors (which the girls helped spread) say that she is one of the mythical Stoneborn of the mountains, rock solid and immovable.

Alright, more catching up tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. Ooh, I love a good epic battle scene. :) And I really enjoyed your character names. It's so fun to come up with just the perfect name, and you've got some good ones.

    1. Thanks! I work really hard on my character names. :)

  2. I couldn't wait for your novel to get published so that I can get my hands on it!!!
    And I LOVE those names! Very regal. Fantastic job! ;)

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll find an agent and publisher who can't wait to publish it either. :)