Sunday, April 8, 2012

My first blogging challenge!

So one of my very dear friends, Ashley Nixon, is the driving force behind my blogging gusto at this point, and she is doing a A-Z writers blogging challenge. Every day you post something from your book that corresponds to the letter of the day. I think it sounds like fun but I'm about a week behind, so I'm going to try to catch up. Yay!

Here goes nothing!

A is for Allora Whisperwind. Allora is one of Famke's (my main character) cousins. A fiery redhaired beauty, lithe and tall, she turns heads wherever she goes, though she only has eyes for one man. Gypsy royalty flows through her veins, and all her life she has been groomed to be an exceptional lady.

She was born to Sirra Fortuna (the younger sister of the Fortuna gypsy queen) and Garrett Warren, King of the Warren gypsies. When her mother died and her father sickened, King Garrett abdicated his throne to his younger brother and moved Allora and her older sister, Catewyn, to the Fortuna lands in order to be closer to their mother's family. Of all the gypsy clans, the Fortuna throne is the only matriarchal monarchy, so being close their aunt and cousin was very important for Allora and Catewyn. Raised in the Fortuna Keep, Allora became like a sister to Famke.

When Famke begins to lead her own section of the Fortuna's army, she appointed Allora as her Captain of Archery. This is because Allora was born with a very special gift that makes her an exceptional archer. Allora is a Windspeak, a special gift found only in rare bloodlines whose origins begin with the god of the sky.

Allora is a key character in the Elbion series. She forges a path through her world, creating her own future.

Ok, tomorrow I'll try to post a couple of these to catch up. :)


  1. FIRST FOLLOW!! I win!!

    It took me a moment, but I remember Allora!! lol. Windwhisper gave it away. haha. I'm gonna reread so I can be the all-knowing poster, lol.

    1. You kind of already are the all-knowing poster! Thanks for pushing me to do this! I *heart* you very much.