Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: P

P is for PONIES!!! YAY!!!
As a girl who was on a horse before she could walk, of course I love horses. I have a wonderful story I wrote about how the gypsies got such amazing horses, which is one of the things they're famous for in my world. I wrote this story (a) because it was in my head screaming to get out and (b) because maybe someday I'll publish a book of myths and history about this world of mine lol.

The Myth of Twilight's Cry
            It is well known throughout the world that the best horses to be found are owned by the gypsies of Fortuna Valley. They are known to be far more intelligent than other horses, they seem to be able to understand their master’s words. They also pull far heavier loads and are able to run for far longer distances. How they came to own these magnificent creatures has been legendary for centuries. It is said that once there was a Fortuna Queen who bore seven daughters. The youngest, Brenna, had a gift and great love for horses. Her love for them was so great she asked her mother to release her from her royal obligation since it was unlikely she would ever be required by her people. Her mother did so, wanting to see her child happy. So she made her youngest daughter Mistress of Horses, placing her in charge of all their people’s stables.

            Late one night, Brenna was keeping with a mare, pregnant and ready to deliver, letting her walk off her discomfort and agitation in a pasture. She stayed, cooing words of comfort and singing soft lullabies. Her singing was so sweet the wind carried it to the ears of one of the High Horse Lords, Summanus - the Night Horse. He was so moved by her love, he stretched his massive wings made of stars and flew down from the heavens to the pasture. There he approached Brenna and allowed her to pet the softness of his great face and muzzle. Her hands came away from him a glow with his magic. It was then the mare began to birth her foal and when Brenna, Mistress of Horses, assisted her with her arduous task, the glow of Summanus' magic came off on the new colt. Brenna named him Twilight's Cry and he would go on to sire the new breeds of Gypsy horses that became legendary throughout the land. 

And here are some of the wonderful horses in the world of Elbion...
Fastion, Famke's horse

Koshka, Eranie's horse

Oca, Ariadne's horse

Dawnstrider, Valkyen's horse

Braxis, Fehr's horse and Bellamy, Phin's horse

So there you have it, some of the best ponies in Elbion. :)


  1. I lovvvvved this post!!! I love how their horses kind of reflect their personalities...especially Valkyen's!!

    1. I love, love, love horses! If you can't tell! And I think they definitely reflect their masters' personalities. Valkyen (who is based on a real person as you know) picked his own horse lol. He wanted one that was golden and shiny, and very paladin-esque. :)