Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: O

O is for Oakenvale. The Kingdom of Oakenvale is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world. Like any kingdom it has grown and shrunk and changed over the hundreds of years that it's existed.

At the present time, the Kingdom of Oakenvale is mostly in the central area of the eastern coast. It also claims the neighboring Lake Lands as a protectorate. It is a region that is similar to feudal England in its structure, with the King at its head. The capitol is Sovereign City, a city built up in a circular hill in a series of tiers. Each tier can be closed off in event of a siege. The region is famous for their native white oak trees, which are considered sacred.

The first chapters of the first Elbion novel start off in Sovereign City, in a scene that looks a lot like this...

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