Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: T

T is for Tessalyn de la Rocheport. This is a special character that had been a large question mark on my story board. But she really emerged over the past year and took definite shape. I modeled her after my good friend Ashley Nixon (*heart* you lovey), who writes about amazing pirates. So it was only natural to model a pirate character after her! And since her birthday was this past week, I hope she loves this post!

Tessalyn is a pirate of the Bounty, an island fortress in the Southern Sea that is where most of the world's pirates call home. My pirates are pretty radically different from anything out there, I think so anyway, so before you get visions of Disney's Pirates 3 in your head, don't bother. They are far more comparable to the Italian mafia. Instead of an everyone out to get their own sort of feel, they're more concerned about earning and moving up in the fleet, all through their piratey ways. The attitude toward these pirates varies. Some people love them dearly as family and friends, others respect them as being protectors of their towns and ports, and still others hate them for the vicious theives they are. :)

That being said, Tessalyn is one of the best earners on the seas even though she is closely related to the first family of piracy. At just thirteen years old, she and her cousin Ysabella, took their first ship. They re-christened their score The Lady's Slipper, and reveled in their cargo of ladies finery bound for Kingsport. Since then they have each commandeered their own faster, larger ships, becoming two of the most successful pirates on the seas. Tess has deep brown hair shot with gold, and it curls in loops as large as her gold hoop earrings. Her current ship, The Sea Queen, has been specially constructed, from its four mast, eleven sail rigging to the cornflower blue and butter yellow catspaw glass in her stateroom.

Tessalyn comes in during the second book strongly. She has a huge part to play. I cannot wait for the world to meet her. Oh, and lastly, Happy Birthday Miss Nixon, you are awesome!!!


  1. AHAHAHAHAHA!! I didn't know this was happening! lol.
    I want to meet this person, too. haha. This all sounds so awesome and I am so honored to be a part of your book!

    Great. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

    1. You are most worthy, love. You have been amazing and supportive and awesome. I hope Tess can hope to fill your shoes. :)

  2. I loved it that a lot of your characters who played a great part in your novels(do you call them main?) are strong women! Great job!

    1. Thanks RaeAnn! I have so many strong women in my life that its hard not to write about them. The men of my story are pretty awesome also. Kye and Valken are pretty central to the first book and they will steal your heart.

      As for how I classify my characters, I can't really say I have main characters, just characters that are main to specific plots. There are so many things going on that there a great many of these "main characters" floating around at any given time.