Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: F

Number three for the day! Yay!

F is for Famke Fortuna. This is my main character, well one of them, my Elbion novels have more of an ensemble cast. Famke is short and pretty curvy, she has long, wavy brown hair, and silvery-grey eyes.

She is the daughter of Matthias and Andromeda Fortuna, High Warlord and Queen of the Fortuna gypsy clan. Famke is therefore the heir to the Fortuna throne, because the Fortuna throne is matriarchal. Her older brother Fehr is set to succeed their father as High Warlord, which is an elected position in the clan. Her role as Teiraness in the clan is a difficult one for her, at least part of it is. Famke is not at ease in the royal role, but when it comes to the responsibility of the clan, she is at her best. She loves her clan and her people.

Even as a young girl she wanted to tag along with her brother as he first entered warrior training as a young boy. She had an altercation with another boy where she proceeded to beat the crap out of him. She has, ever since then, been trained as a military lead, in secret, by her father and brother. After a heroic defense of the Keep early in the recent war against the Marked, where she wore the only armor available in the Keep (a relic set of armor belonging to the ancient and fabled Blood General), she rides as the Blood General to this day and has for the past five years.

When she was officially made a Kor under her father's command, she chose for her captains her four closest friends who are extremely gifted, both magically and physically. She chose for her company of soldiers the 75 cavalry from her defense of the Fortuna Keep, and the unit has grown considerably since then. Each soldier has sworn an oath of secrecy to keep her identity known only as the Blood General, for her protection and because it makes them even more fearsome on the battlefield.

On top of being stuck between her people's two seats of power, she has found herself and her life aligning to the ancient Prophecy of the Gods' Warbringer, the one who is supposed to bring about the end of the war...

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