Friday, April 13, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: K and L

K is for Kyakhte of Keld Pass. Kye is his real name but Kyakhte is his full title, so when you call him Kyakhte you're really calling him Kye, Chief Guardian of the Gods' Pass.

Kye is tall and solidly built, like most of his people he is a warrior. He has longish, dark hair which forms loosely-curled tangles and is interspersed with braids. His muddled blue eyes are dotted with two birthmarks, and his tattoos on his cheek bones mark his rank within his people. He usually has some scruff of a beard in addition to his usual moustache and goatee. If I could cast any actor as Kye, Joe Manganiello (below) would be him *sigh*.

Kye became the Chieftain of his people just recently. His people, the Hathwain, are the guardians of Keld Pass. It is in this pass that a legendary, secret path up the Gods' Spear mountain is located, the home of the Gods. The Hathwain protect this pass and path, from all those who might try to occupy it. Keld Pass happens to be the largest pass between the two halves of the North. With all other western passes through the mountains closed off to them, Keld Pass is the only way left open to the armies of the Marked to continue their campaign. With his people under attack, Kye has left the Pass to find aid and he will do anything to get it.

And to catch up a little bit...

L is for the Laden Maiden. The Laden Maiden is a tavern inn located in Sovereign City, in the Kingdom of Oakenvale. It is owned by two brothers, Abernathy and Timeon Makemarker.

Abernathy and Timeon are members of the Fortuna gypsy clan, who have settled in Sovereign as contacts. Abernathy had always wanted to own a tavern, and because the Fortuna crown didn't have any eyes and ears in the city, they set him up with one. Abernathy sells and distributes the gypsy's mead exclusively, while taking care of his brother Timeon. Though he's quite functional, Timeon requires special attention because of a mental birth defect. He works in the tavern with his brother and helps gather information to send back to Fortuna Valley.

These are definitely two brothers to keep your eye on, they are not just a barkeep and his simple minded brother. They are a lot more clever than they appear...

Speaking of appearances, this is who I would choose to play Abernathy. His name's Silas Weir Mitchell, he plays Monroe on Grimm, and I usually picture him more scruffy like the way he is in the show, not clean cut like in this picture. Anyway, here ya go...

Hey look I'm caught up! Yay!

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