Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: G

G is for Gypsies. The gypsies in Elbion are both like and unlike the gypsies that normally come to mind. I should probably start with their history. The gypsy clans rose from a family of four brothers and one sister who were exiled from the Kingdom of Oakenvale around three hundred years ago. After wandering far and wide for years, the family settled the empty lands abandoned by a long forgotten kingdom beyond the Guardian Mountains, Cartenia, turning their ancient, ruins into beautiful castles and homes. Though the lands were legendary as a cursed place, the gypsies have turned it into one of the most productive and prosperous kingdoms in the known world.

The siblings quickly settled their own areas, and the clans came to be known after the individual siblings: Warren, Forrest, Kellan, Rooque, and Fortuna. Each clan has grown and prospered, taking in those who don't fit in elsewhere. The clans are always allied with each other, no matter what quarrels they have with each other.

The word gypsy has grown to encompass a various number of stigmas including being dishonest in certain towns. Much of this stems from the circumstances surrounding the original family's exile from the Kingdom of Oakenvale. The family had been close to the royal family, and suddenly fell rapidly from favor. Because of these rumors and the resulting treatment of their people, the gypsies have retaliated by taking advantage of their misconceptions in anyway possible. They are opportunistic in all ways, whether striking a deal in commerce or when they're fighting.

They are especially known now for their magnificent horses, their ability to breed superior dogs for every purpose, and their famous mead. Nowhere else can you find better in those catergories. Their kingdom now rivals any other kingdom in the known world. Their armies especially are larger and stronger than almost any other. The gypsies embrace the scorn they recieve from those who don't trust them, building their lives up in definance and glory.


  1. Yay gypsies!! I love them. And I love how you took a rather outcast society and made them...different, demonstrated their side.

    1. I adore my gypsies. :) Did you like the pictures of Fortuna Valley and the Keep?

    2. Of course!! I love Fortuna Valley. I could write there, lol.

    3. I will post more pictures of them bit by bit. I have some really pretty ones. :)