Monday, April 30, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge: V

V is for Valkyen! YAY! Lol, I LOVE this character. He's one of my favorites, and a lot of that is because I based him on my younger brother (whom I love with my whole heart). This is totally what he would look like.

Sir Valkyen Thymbault is a Paladin First Class, in an elite order of knights who anwser only to the King as his personal knights. Paladins are above normal knights in that they have been specially blessed by both crown and church, and given special distinction because they guard the King. They have vowed to give their lives in protection and service to their monarch.

Valkyen comes from a family full of over-achieving brothers. He is the youngest and has a lot to live up to and large shoes to fill. His father, Valerian, is well respected by the King and has been close to the royal family for years. By choosing to become a Paladin, Valkyen hopes to earn his own distinction among his brothers.

Valkyen's story is one of leaving home and discovering that the world is a much bigger place than he originally thought. Nothing is really what he's been told, and his view of the world broadens enormously. He grows up. It is a plot line in the books that is very special to me.

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